Springles Day Nursery and Pre-School

At Springles our aim is to ensure the happiness, well-being and development of your child whilst in our care. We have created an environment where each child’s individual physical, emotional and developmental needs are recognised and respected and where he or she can feel special, safe, loved and encouraged to develop to their full potential.

As we believe that young children learn best through play, we plan activities that are both educational and enjoyable. Although we closely follow the national curriculum, and aim to give the children entrusted to us a clear advantage by the time they start school, this does not prevent them from having fun. By skilfully mixing education and enjoyment into each activity we can lay a firm foundation for a life-long love of learning.

Also important to us are the relationships that we develop with parents and guardians. It’s not easy to leave a child in a nursery and we aim to ensure that you share in their triumphs, successes and milestones whilst in our care. We appreciate the support that we receive from parents and are happy to put the knowledge and experience of our professionally trained staff at your disposal as your child goes through their natural stages of development.

On this site we will explain in more detail how we apply our “learn through play” philosophy. We hope that we will answer all your questions, but if not please ask us.

What People Say About Us

We feel [A] has come on a lot and we are very proud.

– HM, parent

[A] has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Springles and has made real progress over the last year.

– HB, Parent

Thanks […] for all your help over the past five or so years it has given my girls a great sense of independence and a great start for which I am very grateful.

– DD, parent

Thank you all for taking such good care of [J] over the past 14 months and making me feel happy and reassured leaving him with you on each session due to the caring and professional nature of all staff.

– JS, parent

We are immensely thankful to you and the Springles team for the nourishing and protective environment provided to [A]

– AS, parent

A HUGE thank you for taking care of [I].  She has been relaxed and happy since day one.  Knowing that she was safe, happy and having fun whilst I was at work was worth its weight in gold.

– N&TM, parents

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you have done for us inthe last 3 1/2 years! You have given [E] a really great start in life and I will be forever grateful for that.

– JL, parent

Thank you so much for the wonderful care given to [E] over the past two years. We are so sad to be saying goodbye and we will miss you all very much.

– JP, parent

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for the kindness and patience that was shown to [E] and both the advice and support that you gave to me. I will be forever grateful.

– KW, parent

A huge thank you for looking after me. You have all given me the very best start, I am looking forward to starting [school] but will miss you all very much/

– N, child (with some help from Mum)

Thank you for making [H]’s time here so special. Without you I don’t think he would be the Confident + Cheeky Chappy he is today.

– S&PH, parents

Thank you all for the wonderful care you have given [B & C]. It has made our lives so much easier knowing our children are safe, happy and well cared for.

– C&MB, parents

Thank you so much for the care and attention you have given [N] over the past four years.

– C&JB, parents

Both children have loved the time they have spent with you all and grown in so many ways. I am sure they will miss you all very much, as will I.

– MH, Carer

We would like to thanks all at Springles for making [O]’s time there enjoyable and fun.

– $ & C, Parents

[S] and I both feel that Thomas has benefited greatly from the care and professionalism of all the staff at Springles

– CF, Parent

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the excellent service you have provided. [L] has been wll cared for and very happy at Springles.

– TL, Parent

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of the staff at Springles for the care and attention you have all given to Luke over the past few years … we could not have asked for a better lead in to his first year at school than being with yourselves.

– SW, Parent

We have been absolutely delighted with the care and consideration that Reece has been shown whilst with you. He has developed in so many ways and the fact that he has always been so eager to rush in when he gets there is a testament to how happy he has been.

– R & M, Parents

[I] is very much looking forward to going to her new school in Sept, but I know she has had a lovely time at Springles and will miss all the friends she has made.

– HB, Parent