Jobs FAQ

On this page we’ve gathered together some of the questions that you might have about working for Springles. We think it’s a great place to work, and we work hard hard to keep it so. So if you like what you read, please checkout our current vacancies and send us your CV or an application.

What is the Nursery like?

The nursery is based in West Kingsdown. This is a pleasant village in West Kent located on the A20 between Swanley and Wrotham. We are conveniently located at the end of a modern parade of shops in a building that is just perfect for a nursery.

Our building, Axstane House, is a single storey, self-contained building with its own parking. Each age group has its own room, with external access to a shared, secure garden with plenty of space for children to play. Inside, the rooms are linked together by a central corridor with walls lined with display boards for the children’s work. This corridor runs around the outside of a central activity area bathed in natural light from a central atrium which we have turned into an indoor “softplay” area.


How many children are there, and what ages?

We are registered for 57 children, of whom up to 40 may be below the age of 3. Although we don’t have this many yet, the numbers are increasing as our reputation grows! Although we are the only provision for under-2s in West Kingsdown, our enrolments are nicely balanced across all age groups.

How is the Nursery run?

Each age group has its own base room and its own staff team. They also share access to the indoor soft play room and the outside play area. As these staff teams have the best knowledge of their children, their needs and interests, these teams take the lead in developing appropriate curriculum and activity plans for their rooms. So each team has a lot of influence over how their room operates. Similarly we believe that important decisions about how the nursery is run are best taken after consultation with all staff. Finally, we’re committed to continuous improvement and lifelong learning and so will be looking for developmental opportunities for everyone.

What would my colleagues be like?

Working in a nursery should be fun, not just for the children, but for the staff as well. So we’re looking for cheerful people who genuinely love children and who can communicate their enthusiasm to those around them. We also value people who are committed to doing a great job for the children in their care. So your colleagues will be highly professional and skilled childcare experts who are also great fun to work with.

What might my future with Springles look like?

We recognise that people chose a career in childcare for various reasons. For some, simply working with children is sufficient motivation and they prefer not to get involved in the management of the nursery. We respect this, these staff are the backbone of all good nurseries. However, we also believe strongly in offering opportunities for all staff to develop their skills through formal and on-the-job training.

We have a strong preference for promoting from within and prefer to appoint room leaders and other management staff from amongst those staff already working with us, so hopefully there will be exciting opportunities for those who have the ability and the desire to take advantage of them.


What positions are available now?

When we have vacancies, we post details of them here. But even when we don’t have an opening, we keep a list of qualified and unqualified applicants who would be interested in working for one of the best nurseries in West Kent, and generally recruit from this list rather than through advertising. So if you would be interested in working with us should an opening become available, we would certainly be interested in hearing from you.

We are happy to consider full or part time applications, though please note that because we offer full day care 51 weeks of the year, part time applicants must be willing to work all year round (apart from annual leave and the Christmas week) and cover either the beginning or the end of our working day.