Age Groups

In order to ensure that each child benefits from activities tailored to their stage of development, we divide them into four groups. Babies will normally move into an older group when they can walk steadily (at about 15 months); younger toddlers will join an older group when they can communicate comfortably verbally (at about 27 months) and older toddlers will move on when they are ready for the more structured activities we use to prepare them for school.

Each group has its own Room Leader and base room, with external access to a shared, secure garden where children can play safely. Inside is a central activity area known as the Atrium which is bathed in natural light from above.

The Atrium is used in turn by children from each age group. Most of the time it is laid out as a soft-play area, sometimes with large padded shapes, sometimes with equipment designed to build strength and co-ordination and sometimes with a large ball pool. It is here that children can exercise, let off steam and develop physical skills, even when the weather is poor outside. This area is also used for activities involving music and movement.