For their last year before school, children move into Blue Room. Our objective in this room is to give children a happy and positive foundation that will benefit them in their future school life. The curriculum is broad-based, child-centred and integrated into interesting and fun activities. There are typically several activities taking place within the room at any time.

Skills learnt in Green Room are broadened and extended. When they are ready, children are introduced to linking letters to sounds, numeracy, writing and computing skills, and work on colours, shapes, sizes, numbers, time, structure and knowledge of the world around them.

Use of imagination is greatly encouraged as this provides a firm foundation through which other learning can take place.

There are plenty of opportunities for experimenting with sand and water, construction both individually and co-operatively; art and craft, growing things and much, much more.

The extensive range of equipment encourages children to develop skills and perseverance, and stimulates the natural curiosity that each needs to achieve their potential.

As with the other rooms, children are encouraged to develop at their own pace. Staff are there to encourage and facilitate emerging skills, not to force or over extend them, and at no time do we forget the importance of play and fun.