Young Toddlers

The room for younger toddlers (known as Red Room) caters for children up to¬†approximately 2¬Ĺ years of age.

When their key carer feels that they are ready, babies are gently introduced to the toddler room and their new key carer. This introduction normally takes place over a number of weeks until the child is used to their new room and friends.

The toddlers have a wide variety of activities. They play with water, sand, paint, gloop and dough. They stretch their legs in the garden with bikes and climbing equipment. They socialise, sing and dance. They participate in stories, conversation, puzzles, building and domestic play. They enjoy small world toys such as cars, play people and animals.

By this age the children are ready to eat lunch at tables, where they develop the physical skills needed to feed themselves and learn appropriate behaviours for eating socially. Most then have a nap after lunch on their own mattress.

This is an age of great discovery and adventure, not only through play and outings, but also as the children learn to co-operate, show sensitivity to one another and express themselves and their needs.