We believe strongly in the importance of close communication with the parents and guardians of the children entrusted to us.

We encourage parents of children attending daycare sessions to arrive a little early to pick up their child, to allow time to exchange information with their child’s Key Carer and Room Leader, as well as ensuring an unhurried and stress-free end to the child’s day at the Nursery. Feedback for older children attending the shorter pre-school sessions is on an “as-needed” basis, but rest assured that we will make a point of telling you about any significant developments or events in your child’s time with us.

Each child has their own tray, in which their art and crafts are kept, and an achievement book in which developmental progress is recorded. Both are freely available to parents, as are regular progress reports, including daily liaison sheets for babies and toddlers.

There is also a board in each base room where more general information is posted for parents and guardians. This ranges from nursery specific news such as planned activities, menus and details of forthcoming outings, through information about local events of interest to under 5’s and onto general advice on child care issues. We also publish a regular newsletter with news from the nursery.

Approximately every 6 months we hold parents’ weeks during which you will be invited to meet with your child’s keyworker, and will have the opportunity to meet other parents and to discuss your child’s progress with staff in a more leisurely fashion and greater depth than is normally possible when dropping off or picking up.