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Our staff team has grown with Vicky and Debbie joining us through the busy summer months. There is nothing like throwing them in at the deep end, and as a result it feels like they have been with us for far longer.

Vicky – was the first to join us. She is primarily working with our babies and toddlers. She will also have opportunities to work with our older age groups in order to expand her knowledge and experience. Vicky has begun studying for a degree in early years through Greenwich University.

Debbie – joined us part way through the summer. She is also working with our babies and toddlers. Whilst Debbie already had experience of working with primary age children and had achieved her Btec Level 2 in this area, she is currently undergoing training for a CACHE level 2 certificate for the children and young people’s workforce through North West Kent College. I am confident that in no time she will have achieved this and be heading towards her Level 3.

Claire – Continues as Room Leader to our babies and toddlers groups. Claire is also undertaking a degree in Early Years through Canterbury University. So she is keeping us all on our toes thinking through why we do what we do with the children.

Louisa – We offer congratulations to Louisa who has successfully achieved her Level 3 in childcare, learning and development. She continues to work in Green room, under Julie’s direction, with our 2 ¼ – 3 ½ year olds.

Julie – Continues as Deputy Manager and also Room Leads Green Room. It is good to see the nurturing those children are receiving under her direction.

Emma – Emma continues to do a great job in Blue room. She has further expanded her knowledge through SEN (special educational needs) training following a desire to understand even better how best to support children at different times towards their highest levels of achievement.

Judi – Continues to Room lead Blue Room. Whilst not able to be in there as much as I would like I am loving having more time with the children. Thankfully the MA in Psychosocial studies and education is now complete and I am just awaiting the results of the dissertation. It has certainly been a brilliant opportunity.

Sarah – As the team has grown so has each person’s area of responsibility. Sarah continues to provide an invaluable supportive role working mainly in baby and toddler room but also able to take on a wider role of supporting others in their rooms as needed.

Natalie – Continues to cook for us two days per week during term time. Preparing all the main meals and cakes that are served. She makes it look so easy.

Sue – Has also joined the team and works three days per week preparing the meals and cleaning the nursery (not all at the same time).

Both Natalie and Sue provide an invaluable help to the smooth running of the nursery.


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